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Landlord: The Manager

Muddle Go Nowhere
Barrowby Lane
NG31 8SR

01476 593113

Game Night: Thursday

LandLords Message:
Come and join us on Thursday nights at 7.30pm where the emphasis is on the social aspect of the game. Perfect for beginners and suitable for amateurs, which means a challenging environment for advanced players! Completely free to play, although small stakes are available if you're feeling lucky!

New Qualification Rules from 2014 / 2015 Season 1
(Started 2nd Feb 2014)
- All venues get 4 qualifiers.
- 1st to 3rd automatically and the 4th by way of a staggered play-off or a wildcard game of every player that has played 4 or more games.

Your Pub qualifies for an additional top place if any of these criteria are met:
- If your venue has been in the league for over 3 years.
- Your venue has had 20 or more players that have played at least 4 times in the current season.
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